DAY 60


I finished a freaking 60 day juice cleanse! HAND CLAPS FOR VALERIE! Whoop whoop! I’m just so proud of myself for sticking with the cleanse. When it got hard or I wanted a nibble of something, I didn’t give in! I stuck with it and I am so happy to have accomplished 60 days with out any food, coffee, alcohol, just fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. Phew, I did it.

I deiced to finish this journey off with a long list of positive things that happened during this cleanse.

I lost 40 pounds, my body completely changed and is headed in a healthy direction (I lost most of my weight in my torso).
My skin is super soft and clear (almost no blemishes!) many friends have commented on my “glowing skin”.
I have little to no body oder.
I have little to no indigestion problems (used to always feel bloated and stomach twisted up).
I have little to no gas (I used to be quite the tooter).
I had no pms, headaches, back pain or cramps with menstrual cycle.
My period was extremely light and lasted half as long as usual.
My hair and skin don’t feel greasy in the morning (I used to wash my hair every day, now every 2-3 days)
I have little negative thoughts or anxious thoughts.
I cured myself of my addiction to coffee (I used to have 6 shots of coffee a day as well as taking excedrine almost every morning to cure my headache)
I no longer hace a constant headache and I no longer take any medicine for it.
I no longer have the desire to socially smoke when out with friends.
I WANT and DO drink a lot more water.
I learned to respect food in its pure form and see food as energy.
I turned into a morning person, naturally waking up earlier and more alert.
I sleep all the way through the night without waking up.
I fall asleep with little to no struggle.
I learned how strong and devoted I can be. 
I learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
I learned self control.
I made the decision to go back to school for holistic nutrition and am taking the steps to make that happen this fall.
I made the decision to stay vegan and leave all products from animals out of my body.
I made the decision to move out of my house (with room mates) and get my own place this summer.
I got to be apart of so many friends, co workers and blog fans starting their own juice journey!

Thank you for being apart of my journey! It was so fun to experience this crazy endeavor with you! As you read previously, I am going vegan and will be posting all about that on my new blog, Respect Yo’ Body, I will be posting soon! 

Peace easy my juice friends.

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Hey, I'm Valerie and for the next 60 days I will be juicing my own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.
Here is where I will record what I’m juicing, how I’m feeling, side effects, weight loss, oh and poop. Duh, everybody wants to know what my poop is going to be like. Come on, you know you thought about it. Mostly this blog is going to be for me, for my records and reflections. Also, please note: I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist or even a writer. Just your average 23 year old, city living lady wanting to get her juice on. Questions? Email me:

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